Certification of planting material using DNA Barcodes

DNA Barcoding for Bamboo

Certification of bamboo seedlings or planting materials for plantation purposes is a major hurdle that necessitates the need for a precise identification tool to ensure their species' identity. Vegetative characteristics currently practised for the identification of bamboo species express only at a particular stage of development and cannot generally be practised for the identification of nursery seedlings and planting materials. The development of species-specific DNA barcodes can thus serve as a promising tool for the certification of bamboo seedlings/planting materials/mature wood logs.

With financial support from National Bamboo Mission, KFRI has developed DNA barcodes for different bamboo species including priority species which can be helpful for the following

  • For farmers: Certification of Planting materials.
  • For Nurseries: Identification of species for unknown seed sources.
  • For Handicraft/Furniture Industry-Agencies
    • Identification of species from culms/ dried culms.
    • Species Identification of unknown bamboos.

For certification of bamboo planting materials using DNA Barcodes please contact

    Dr. Suma Arun Dev
    Principal Scientist,
    Forest Genetics and Biotechnology Division

Read papers on Bamboo Certification using DNA Barcodes
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