BTSG-KFRI has made significant efforts to assist bamboo farmers, artisans and researchers in reducing the information gap for them by aggregating the information of each category. The information in these directories is collected from open-access online sources and direct submissions from the participants. The collected information from the various sources is cross-verified by contacting the concerned person by telephone, but we do not assume responsibility for any information contained in this directory. We hope this directory will immensely help the stakeholders.

If you are an Artisan or Manufacturer of bamboo products, bamboo seedling or seed producer, farmer or plantation owner, or researcher doing scientific research on any aspect of bamboo, we would greatly appreciate it if you would join us in our efforts to expand the respective list. Click on the joining button of the respective group and fill out the simple online form.

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The Directory of Artisans and Manufacturers of Bamboo products is a source of information on the variety of products available in the Indian market and is a means by which interested buyers and sellers can interact for mutual benefit.

Our bamboo farmers directory connects local producers or plantations with bamboo-based industries or artisans. Direct from producer to consumer sale of raw and processed bamboo without an intermediary.

This Directory of Bamboo Researchers is a listing of the experts in different disciplines from around the world which will help locate an expert through the contact details provided.

This directory is an online resource for locating nurseries in South India that assist bamboo propagation by providing quality bamboo seedlings or seeds.

BTSG-KFRI invites your feedback and suggestions for improving these databases. Any additional information needed to update the database would be greatly appreciated. Please send your suggestions to the