State Mission Director (NBM) cum Director
    Horticulture & Cash Crop Development Department
    Krishi Bhawan, Tadong,

Success Stories

  1. Lagstal Bamboo Enterprise

    Lagstal enterprise situated at Sichey, in the eastern part of Sikkim, the area being thinly populated and adjacent to main capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok. The initiative of the project was born out of the thought process that there is inadequate opportunity for sustained employment for a large numbers of households in the area, in this context Lagstal enterprise was formed in assistance with Sikkim National Bamboo Mission which aims towards livelihood generation through a process hitherto foreign to the region. The project was initiated during the year 2019-20, with the intervention and assistance of Sikkim National Bamboo Mission. Lagstal Enterprise has currently one functional unit running producing varieties of bamboo craft, Agarbatti’s, and interior designing bamboo products, employing more than 30 persons of which 90% consist of women. The products ranges from Utility items, household’s items, sustainable fashion accessories, home decors as we all as bamboo furniture. The annual turnover is rupees 15 -20 lakhs.