Project: Training Coordination

(Under the Annual Action Plan 2018-2019 of BTSG – KFRI)


Coordination of the BTSG involves liaison with NBM and the states assigned to KFRI viz. Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, interaction with farmers, Artisans and industries.

  1. Coordination of BTSG activities.
  2. Technical support to State Bamboo Missions and other stakeholders.
  3. Reporting progress to NBM and Attend NBM Meetings.
Expected output:
  1. Effective coordination and liaison with NBM and State Bamboo Missions.
  2. Support in terms of providing required information to Bamboo Missions and Stake holders..
  3. Updated and informative content available to public through the Bamboo Information Centre website..
    State bamboo missions, Bamboo Farmers, Bamboo industry.