Project: Management of bamboo waste in primary processing units

(Under the Annual Action Plan 2018-2019 of BTSG – KFRI)


The guidelines include a section on Product development and processing which includes management of bamboo wastes in primary processing units. The Bamboo Primary Processing Centre established at FRC Palapilly under earlier AAPs of BTSG-KFRI has equipment installed for processing bamboo culms and further processing into strips and silvers which generate waste in the form of bamboo shavings and dust. Proper disposal of the waste is ideally done by converting it into value added products.

This proposal is therefore for setting up of a facility for managing waste generated at FRC, Palapilly and to convert it into pellets and to explore the possibility of composting part of the waste. Equipment suitable for carrying out the pelletization and feasibility for composting the waste or conversion to Biochar will be set up in the facility. Further processing into value added products will be examined.

  1. Setting up of a suitable bamboo waste management facility at FRC Palapilly.
Expected output:
  1. Protocols for Waste management.
  2. Value added products from bamboo waste.
    Bamboo Artisans, General Public.