Project: Establishment of Bamboo Bazaar

(Under the Annual Action Plan 2018-2019 of BTSG – KFRI)


One of the components in the Guidelines is the promotion and development of infrastructure for bamboo market. This includes establishing Bamboo Bazaars which is ideal for supplementing the activities envisaged at the Bamboo Primary Processing Centre established at FRC Palapilly under earlier AAP of BTSG –KFRI where artisans utilize the facilities and also during training programmes that are conducted, bamboo products are made which can be sold to public through a Bamboo Bazar.

This proposal is therefore for setting up of bamboo bazaar at FRC, Palapilly to serve as an out let for products that are generated in activities under different schemes in KFRI including training programmes and artisan clusters under the KFRI programmes.

  1. Develop market strategy and marketing of Bamboo products produced by the clusters.
  2. To establish Sale counters for the products at FRC Palapally and elsewhere.
  3. To showcase products at conventional spaces across the state and various websites.
Expected output:
  1. Establishment of Bamboo Bazaar Outlet for showcasing and promoting bamboo products.
    Bamboo Artisans, General Public.