Project: Training of Farmers /Artisans/Field functionaries

(Under the Annual Action Plan 2018-2019 of BTSG – KFRI)


Training of different stakeholders in the bamboo sector is one of the components in the Operational Guidelines of the National Bamboo Mission. KFRI has been conducting these training successfully for several years now and trainees from Kerala and other states have been trained in all aspects of Bamboo resource management and utilization. Dissemination of knowledge in bamboo to the stakeholders and imparting capability in undertaking propagation, cultivation and utilization is achieved through these trainings. Three categories of training is recognized by NBM. i. Training of farmer’s ii. Training of Artisans and iii. Training of field functionaries. These training courses of up to 5 days consists of lectures, hands on experience in propagation techniques as well as field visits to plantations. Proposals were submitted along with the Annual Action Plan of BTSG KFRI and approval obtained.

    To organize training courses for
  1. Farmers (3 day)
  2. Artisans (3 days)
  3. Field functionaries of state bamboo missions (5 days)
Expected output:
  1. Training of farmer /artisan groups enabling them to set up bamboo nurseries, plantations or bamboo manufacturing units.
  2. Equipping field functionaries of state bamboo missions will essential information on different aspects of bamboo.
    All stakeholders in bamboo sector especially the bamboo farmers, artisans and officials of the State Bamboo Missions of different states.