Project: Identification of genetically superior bamboo species

(Under the Annual Action Plan 2018-2019 of BTSG – KFRI)


One of the suggested components in the Operational Guidelines of NBM is that of identification of superior bamboo stock for large scale multiplication. The objective is to improve the productivity and quality of produce from future plantations of bamboo through use of quality planting material.

The primary requirement for selection of superior genotypes is to have accessions representing the genetic variability of the species from which selection based on economically important traits can be done and field trails undertaken to demonstrate the quality and adaptability to different agro climatic zones.

This proposal envisages the survey and collection of accessions of the important bamboo species in Kerala and to assemble the accessions in a live germ plasm collection, characterize them and select Candidate Plus clumps for mass multiplication. Characterization with molecular markers will generate information about the genetic variability within and between populations of the species and also genetic finger prints that can be used to identify superior accession uses in mass multiplication programmes.

  1. Survey of the important distribution zones of bamboo in the state.
  2. Selection of superior phenotypes as CPC for further propagation and field trials.
  3. Characterization of the accession using molecular markers.
Expected output:
  1. Superior accessions of D.strictus, P.monaldelpha, P.ritchei, P.bourdilonii, Teinostachyum spp., and Ochlandra species collected and maintained in a live collection.
  2. Molecular characterization of the accessions.
    Farmers, Bamboo Nurseries, Sate bamboo Missions.