Bambusa griffithiana Munro

  • Habit
  • Culms: Caespitose
  • Wall thickness: Thin-walled

  • Identification Features: Culms leaning, woody, without nodal roots; culm-internodes terete, thin-walled, lateral branches dendroid; Inflorescence terminal panicle, spicate branches bearing heads of spikelets.
  • Flowering Cycle:
  • Distribution: India (Manipur), Myanmar
  • Spacing for Cultivation:8 x 8 meter
  • Uses: Handicrafts
Synonym of Bambusa griffithiana

Dendrocalamus griffithianus (Munro) Kurz, Arundarbor griffithiana (Munro) Kuntze

Flowering Reported: Flowered at Upper Myanmar in 1837 (Griffith)

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