Bambusa multiplex
Bambusa multiplex
Bambusa multiplex

Bambusa multiplex (Lour.) Raeusch. Ex Schult.

  • Habit
  • Culms: Caespitose
  • Culm Diameter: 1 - 3 cm
  • Culm Internode Length: 20 - 40 cm
  • Wall thickness: Thin-walled
  • Height: 2 - 4 meter

  • Identification Features: Culm mid-green,without nodal roots; Culm-sheaths deciduous, auriculate; Leaves 7-10 cm long,lanceolate; Inflorescence is diffuse leafy panicle with solitary or clustered spikelets; Fruit is caryopsis with adherent pericarp.
  • Flowering Cycle:
  • Distribution: India (Assam, Bihar, Meghalaya, West Bengal), Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka.
  • Altitude: 800 -1500 meter
  • Spacing for Cultivation:5 x 5 meter
  • Uses: Construction, Handicrafts
Synonym of Bambusa multiplex

Arundo multiplex Lour, Arundarbor multiplex (Lour.) Kuntze, Bambusa multiplex var. normalis Sasaki, Leleba multiplex (Lour.) Nakai , Ludolfia glaucescens Willd, Arundinaria glaucescens (Willd.) P.Beauv, Bambusa glaucescens (Willd.) Merr, Bambusa nana Roxb., Arundarbor nana (Roxb.) Kuntze, Bambusa nana var. normalis Makino & Shiras.,Bambusa nana var. typica Makino ex I.Tsuboi, Bambusa multiplex var. nana (Roxb.) Keng f., Ischurochloa floribunda Buse, Leleba floribunda (Buse) Nakai, Bambusa glaucescens var. floribunda (Buse) Hatus, Bambusa aurea Siebold,Arundarbor aurea Kuntze, Bambusa sterilis Kurz ex Miq, Bambusa caesia Siebold & Zucc., Triglossum arundinaceum Gamble, Bambusa alphonse-karrii Mitford ex Satow, Bambusa nana f. alphonse-karrii (Mitford ex Satow) Kawam, Bambusa nana var. alphonse-karrii (Mitford ex Satow) Kawam, Bambusa multiplex f. alphonse-karrii (Mitford ex Satow) Nakai, Bambusa glaucescens f. alphonso-karrii (Mitford ex Satow) Hatus, Bambusa nana f. albovariegata Makino, Bambusa glaucescens f. albovariegata (Makino) Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa multiplex f. albovariegata (Makino) Muroi, Bambusa nana var. gracillima E.G.Camus, Bambusa multiplex var.gracillima (E.G.Camus) Sad.Suzuki, Bambusa nana var. variegata E.G.Camus, Leleba multiplex f. variegata (E.G.Camus) Nakai, Bambusa multiplex f. variegata(E.G.Camus) Hatus, Bambusa glaucescens f. variegata (E.G.Camus) Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa argentea Nehrl. in L.H.Bailey, Bambusa argentea var. vittata Nehrl. in L.H.Bailey, Bambusa dolichomerithalla Hayata, Leleba dolichomerithalla (Hayata) Nakai, Bambusa liukiuensis Hayata, Leleba liukiuensis (Hayata), Bambusa nana f. viridistriata Makino ex I.Tsuboi, Bambusa floribunda f. viridistriata (Makino ex I.Tsuboi) Nakai, Leleba floribunda f. viridistriata (Makino ex I.Tsuboi) Nakai, Bambusa multiplex f. viridistriata (Makino ex I.Tsuboi) Muroi, Bambusa glaucescens f. viridistriata (Makino ex I.Tsuboi) Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa nana f. vittateargentea Makino ex I.Tsuboi, Bambusa shimadae Hayata, Bambusa multiplex var.shimadae (Hayata) Sasaki, Leleba shimadae (Hayata) Nakai, Bambusa glaucescens var. shimadae (Hayata),Leleba amakusensis Nakai, Leleba elegans Koidz, Bambusa multiplex var. elegans (Koidz.) Muroi, Bambusa glaucescens f. elegans (Koidz.) Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa multiplex var. riviereorum Maire, Bambusa glaucescens var. riviereorum (Maire), Bambusa multiplex f. solida Muroi & Maruy, Bambusa glaucescens f. solida (Muroi & Maruy), Bambusa glaucescens f. albostriata Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa glaucescens f. fu-komachi Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa glaucescens f. midori Muroi & Sugim, Bambusa glaucescens f. gimmei Muroi & Kasahara, Bambusa glaucescens f. kimmei-suhou Muroi & Kasahara, Bambusa glaucescens f. midori-beni Muroi & H.Hamada, Bambusa glaucescens f. shirosuji Muroi & H.Okamura, Bambusa glaucescens f. tukushi-komachi Muroi & Yu, Bambusa multiplex var. lutea T.H.Wen, Bambusa glaucescens var. lutea(T.H.Wen) T.H.Wen,Bambusa strigosa T.H.Wen, Bambusa multiplex var.strigosa (T.H.Wen), Bambusa multiplex var. incana B.M.Yang, Bambusa textilis var. persistens B.M.Yang, Bambusa multiplex var. solida B.M.Yang, Bambusa albifolia T.H.Wen & J.J.Hua, Bambusa pubivaginata W.T.Lin & Z.M.Wu, Bambusa glaucescens f. solida K.J.Mao & C.H.Zhao, Bambusa multiplex var. pubivagina W.T.Lin & Z.J.Feng.

Flowering Reported: Bangladesh in 1851 and 1879; Sri Lanka in 1863; India (Calcutta) in 1890. Bangladesh in 1977-1985(sporadic flowering).

Remarks: Widely cultivated in India as ornamental species

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