Bambusa nairiana P.Kumari & P.Singh

  • Habit
  • Culms: Caespitose
  • Culm Diameter: 6 - 8 cm
  • Wall thickness: Thick-walled
  • Height: 10 meter

  • Identification Features: Culms with aerial roots at the nodes; culm-sheaths deciduous, 18-20 cm long, hispid, with appressed hairs, with dark brown hairs; leaves lanceolate, 17-27 cm long; Inflorescence clustered, with axillary buds at base of spikelet.
  • Flowering Cycle:
  • Distribution: India (Meghalaya)
  • Uses:
Vernacular names of Bambusa nairiana

Wa-sim (Garo)

Remarks: Distributed in Meghalaya.

Taxon identifiers: