Dr. Amruth M.
Department of Sociology
Forestry and Human Dimension Division

Dr. Amruth M. is with the Division of Forestry and Human Dimension at Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi. His areas of interest include sustainable management of natural resources, history of natural resource management and various aspects of policy and technology transfer in the context of forestry and society. Currently, he is studying the socio-economic and cultural uses of selected bamboo species that are endemic to the Western Ghats.

Dr. Amruth M.

Projects and publications associated with Bamboos


    1. Assessment of socio-economic and cultural uses and potential for popularization of Dendrocalamus stocksii and Munrochloa ritchei, two bamboo species endemic to the Western Ghats.
    2. Registration of Kanadipaya (special bamboo weaved mat product) for Geographical Indication.
    3. Kannadipaya (Special bamboo weaved mat product) – Scientific, Technical and Marketing interventions for tribal empowerment.

Recent Publication

  1. Raghu A.V., Amruth, M., Anjana, N., Fincy Francis, Shyna, R., Mohammed, Kunhi, K.V., Harainarayanan, P., Syam Viswanath (Eds.) 2022. Bamboo: Conservation Propagation and Utilisation. (A Handbook), KSCSTE-Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peeechi. Pp150. ISBN: 978-81-953863-9-0.

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