Dr. Sreekumar V B
BTSG Coordinator
Department of Forest Botany

Dr. Sreekumar has more than ten years of research experience in the field of Bamboo. He is working on Bamboo taxonomy, phylogenetics, genetic diversity assessments, germplasm collection, agroforestry trails etc. He had undertaken projects supported by National Bamboo Mission. He is an expert member of the Technical Advisory Committee on the International Network of Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR). He is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Bamboo and Rattan.

Dr. Sreekumar V B

Projects and publications associated with Bamboos


    1. Developing Big Bamboo Nursery: Supported by National Bamboo Mission.
    2. Identification of genetically superior bamboo species and germplasm collection. Supported by National Bamboo Mission.
    3. DNA barcoding of Bamboos - Supported by National Bamboo Mission. (Associate Investigator).
    4. Bamboo training of Farmers/ Artisans/field functionaries. Supported by National Bamboo Mission. (Associate Investigator).
    5. Maintenance of Bamboo germplasm – Ochlandra trails and KFRI Bambusetum, FRC Field Centre, KFRI).
    6. Standardization of vegetative propagation techniques of selected bamboo species and its field performance evaluation in the different agro-climatic regions of Kerala- Phase- I. Supported by KSCSTE Plan Grants.
    7. Management of bamboo waste in primary processing unit Supported by National Bamboo Mission.
    8. Resource inventory, identification and conservation of bamboo of Maharashtra. Supported by State Bamboo Mission, Maharashtra. (Associate Investigator).
    9. Standardization of sustainable harvesting methods for Jiggat species. Supported by National Bamboo Mission. (Associate Investigator).
    10. Kanadipaya (special bamboo weaved mat product) - Studies on physio-chemical and microstructure properties of special Bamboo used in weaving by tribal communities in Idukki District, Kerala. Supported by KSCSTE Plan Grants. (Associate Investigator).
    11. Demonstration model for utilizing the Potential of Bamboo and other bioengineering measures for Landslide Risk Reduction and Mitigation and Riverbank stabilization, under the IHRML project. Supported by United Nations Development Programme.
    12. Assessment of socio-economic and cultural uses and potential for popularization of Dendrocalamus stocksii and munrochloa ritchei, two bamboo species endemic to the Western Ghats. Supported by KSCSTE Plan Grants. (Associate Investigator).
    13. Certification of bamboo planting material - Supported by National Bamboo Mission. (Associate Investigator).
    14. BTSG Kerala- Publicity and Extension - Supported by National Bamboo Mission. (Associate Investigator).
    15. Germplasm collection of Litsea and Persea (Jiggat) species. Supported by National Bamboo Mission.

Research/Technical Reports

  1. Suma, T.B. and Sreekumar, V.B. 2015. DNA Barcoding in the endemic Bamboo genus Ochlandra of the Western Ghats. Research Report No. 504.Peechi, Thrissur. ISSN 0970-8103. Kerala Forest Research Institute. Peechi, Kerala. India.
  2. Suma Arun Dev and Sreekumar, V.B. 2017. DNA Barcoding as a supplementary tool for the identification of selected bamboo species in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh. Consultancy Report. 110/ 2017. Forest Department, Andhra Pradesh.

Papers in peer-reviewed journals

  1. K. Sijimol, Suma Arun Dev, E. M. Muralidharan and V. B. Sreekumar. 2014. DNA barcoding: An emerging tool for precise identification and certification of planting stock in taxonomically challenging bamboo species. J. Bamboo and Rattan, 13 (1 & 2): 29-43.
  2. Suma Arun Dev, K. Sijimol, P. S. Prathibha, Sreekumar, V. B., E. M. Muralidharan. 2020. DNA barcoding as a valuable molecular tool for the certification of planting materials in bamboo. 3 Biotech. 10: 59.
  3. Raveendran, U., Ganga, K.A., Viswanath, S., Sreekumar, V.B., and Jayaraj, R., 2020. Nutritional Evaluation of different Bamboo species in Kerala as a Sustainable food Source. Journal of Non-Timber Forest Products, 27(1), pp.22-26.
  4. Sijimol, Suma Arun dev and Sreekumar, V.B. 2020. DNA barcoding supports existence of morpho-species complex in endemic bamboo genus Ochlandra Thw. of the Western Ghats, India. Journal of Genetics (2020) 99:68.

Papers /Abstract in conferences/seminar proceedings

  1. Suma Arun Dev, Sreekumar, V.B. and Mukteshkumar, M.S. 2013. Phylogenetic relationships among endemic bamboos and its related genera in Andaman –Nicobar Islands. In: Proceedings of National Seminar on Tree Biotechnology 2013 – Emerging Opportunities in Forestry and tree Science. IFGTB Coimbatore. 23 -24 September. Coimbatore. pp 16-163.
  2. SijiMol K, Suma Arun Dev, Sreekumar V.B. 2016. Selection of suitable DNA barcodes for species identification in Bamboos. Proceedings of 28th Kerala Science Congress, University of Calicut, Thenhipalam, Malapuram.28-30 January 2016: 2455-2464.
  3. Suma Arun Dev., Sijimol K, Muralidharan E M, and Sreekumar, V.B. 2016. DNA barcoding for the certification of planting materials in bamboos. Paper in National Seminar on” Bamboo Reserve Management and Advances in Utilization Options” Institute of Wood Science and Technology-ICFRE, Bangalore, 23-25 Feb 2016.
  4. SijiMol, K, Suma Arun Dev and Sreekumar, V. B. 2017. Molecular Systematics of the Subtribe Melocanninae in Paleotropical Woody bamboos. Editor in Chief: Suresh Das. Proceedings of 29th Kerala Science Congress. 2017. Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram – 695004
  5. Sreekumar, V.B. 2018. Bamboo and rattan certification in Asia. Paper Presented in Global Bamboo & Rattan Congress (BARC 2018).25-27 June 2018. Beijing, China

Popular articles

  1. Sreekumar, V.B. & Syam Viswanath. 2020. ‘Bamboo’ is a crop. Kerala Karshakan. 2020. Feb Issue 48-50.
  2. Sreekumar, V.B., Syam Viswanath. & Raghu, A.V. 2020. “Bamboo diversity in Kerala. Oct-Nov. Issue. Aranyam, Kerala Forest Department. Research Reports


  • Syam Viswanath, Sreekumar, V.B., S. Sruthi. 2021. Bambusa balcooa Roxb.: A multi-utility bamboo for domestication. Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi 680653, Thrissur, Kerala. ISBN:81-85041-98-9.
  • PhD Guidance

    1. Ms. Sijimol PhD in Forest Biotechnology under FRI University, Dehradun: Topic: Molecular systematics and phylogeny of the genus Ochlandra Thw. (Poaceae). PhD Awarded (2015- 2019).
    2. MSc Guidance

    3. Divya Ullas: 2016. Mapping the geographical distribution of Syzygium travancoricum Gamble (Myrtaceae) and Teinostachyum wightii (Munro) Bedd. (Poaceae), two endemic plants of Western Ghats using Ecological Niche Modelling. Master’s thesis submitted to the University of Calicut.
    4. Blaze Maria P V. 2017. Phenetic and phylogenetic analysis of Native Bamboos species of Kerala. Master’s thesis submitted to the University of Calicut.
    5. Anandu, R. 2021. Standardization of treated and untreated samples of Thyrsostachys siamensis and Dendrocalamus strictus and analysis of mechanical parameters and examining the anatomic variations. Master’s thesis submitted to the Forest Research Institute University, Dehradun.
    6. Divya Vargheese 2021. Systematic relationships on the genus Dendrocalamus Nees (Poaceae: Bambusoideae). Master’s thesis submitted to the University of Calicut.


    1. Patent application filed - India – Patent Application No.: 202241001581; Title: Binding matrix for incense sticks or incense cones. Jayaraj Ravindran, Unnimaya Raneendran, Sreekumar Vadakkethil Balakrishnan, Syam Viswanath

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