International Standard Organization (ISO) published a key new standard on engineered bamboo structures

June 22 , 2022

The first International standard on ‘Engineered bamboo for structural use’ (ISO 23478:2022 ) was published by ISO on 22 June 2022. This document specifies “mechanical properties of engineered bamboo products,” which can be used to provide a foundation for designing and constructing bamboo structures.

Different test methods suitable for determining a) modulus of elasticity in bending; b) shear modulus; c) bending strength; d) modulus of elasticity in tension parallel to the fibre; e) tension strength parallel to the fibre; f) modulus of elasticity in compression parallel to the fibre; g) compression strength parallel to the fibre etc., and the determination of dimensions, moisture content and density are specified.

This document is applicable to prismatic shapes of glued laminated bamboo and bamboo scrimber intended to resist flexure, shear, axial loads, or combinations thereof. The document can be purchased on ISO website.


Published on: Wednesday, June 22, 2022