Bamboo Technical Support Group (BTSG-KFRI)

The Bamboo Technical Support Group (BTSG) is hosted at KFRI and supported by the National Bamboo Mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to serve as a unit providing support to the National Bamboo Cell in technical and research matters.

BTSG-KFRI has been conducting training programs for field workers in various southern states for the last several years. Our training support includes resource enhancement through propagation technology, establishment and management of plantations, value addition of bamboo produce through preservative treatment and proper utilization for various end uses, advice to farmers and State Bamboo Missions on the suitability of species for different regions and land types etc.

Research Projects - 12 completed and 3 ongoing.

Researchers/ Consultants- National and international.

Artisans/Traders - National level members.

Farmers/Plantations - State and National level

Government of India
National Bamboo Mission
Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment - KSCSTE
Kerala Forest Research Institute - KFRI


BTSG-KFRI has made significant efforts to assist bamboo farmers, artisans and researchers in reducing the information gap for them by aggregating the information of each category.


The Directory of Artisans, and Traders of Bamboo products is a source of information on the variety of products available in the Indian market.


Our Farmers directory connects local producers with bamboo-based industries or artisans. Direct from producer to consumer sale of raw and processed bamboo without an intermediary.


This Directory of Bamboo Researchers is a listing of experts in different disciplines from around the world which will help locate an expert through the contact details provided.


This directory is an online resource for locating nurseries in India that assist bamboo propagation.

Bamboo Database

Bamboo species of commercial importance, including common names, morphology, and cultivation.

Free Booklets

Authentic resource for farmers, scientists, and all other stakeholders involved in bamboo farming and value addition.