Training program at KFRI with a focus on bamboo propagation, plantation and handicraft making.

Under the leadership of Kerala Forest Research Institute and Bamboo Technical Support Group – KFRI, expert training programs focus on bamboo propagation and handicraft production. Training will be provided to those selected from among the interested applicants. Preference will be given to those with prior experience in bamboo-related fields.

BTSG-KFRI with the financial assistance of the State/National Bamboo Mission is planning to organize a series of training programmes during 2023-2024 on Bamboo Propagation, Nursery techniques, Plantation management, bamboo handicrafts, and furniture making etc., There will be lectures as well as practical sessions. The duration of the training programmes will be for five days and food, accommodation facilities will be provided to the participants. Preferences will be given to those persons already working in Bamboo Sector.

Those interested in the training program should fill out the form below.

  1. Bamboo Handicrafts/furniture training programme. Register Now
  2. Bamboo Propagation and nursery management. Register Now
  3. Bamboo Plantation techniques and management. Register Now

For more information, please contact

    Dr. A V Raghu,
    Principal Scientist & Head
    Training Department, KFRI Peechi, 680653
    Phone: 0487 2690336

Published on: Monday, July 31, 2023